SKNY Platter

Sushi Platter – Hero of Every Party

The party season is just around the corner. Parties are happening here and there. It is about time to think about upcoming feasts. The hero to make things work is a sushi platter. No need to worry about breaking the bank. Everyone will surely be happy. In a lot of ways, a sushi platter makes sense. There are many reasons to love sushi – tasty, healthy and light.

Sakanaya is offering sushi platters in New York. A sushi platter is brimming with various types of sushi which is perfect for snack, party and even huge event with a great number of people. A tray could accommodate even the pickiest eater in your group. There is always something for everyone.

The best party food is the ones that can be nibbled all throughout the event and sushi fits the bill. Guest will be impressed with the beautiful arrangement of the sushi, and it will be a perfect centerpiece. It doesn’t matter what food or drinks you be serving at the party, sushi platter fits with everything. It is also ideally suited for any cocktail drinks.

As we all know, throwing a party means money. When you add together all the cost of organizing a party, the top on the list is food. Chances are, your choices may not be healthy, and it could be something that you pick up from the grocery. Level up your gathering by spending on a world class sushi platter. Fret not because a sushi platter is very affordable. Sakanaya is offering sushi platter for just $80. Another major benefit of opting for sushi platter is that there is zero preparation before the party. It means more time to spend on other things.

Time to prepare party at home or office. Have a gathering to be remembered for all the right reasons. Replace your usual party food with extraordinary and world class sushi platter.

A sushi platter will save the day.

SAKANAYA Sushi Platter

  • Limited by End of 2016
  • For 4 people
  • $80

*Give us one day advance order. Take out only.

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