Looking for a unique opportunity to taste the Japanese Cuisine?

Sakanaya focuses on creating authentic Japanese dishes that incorporates the best ingredients and finest cooking techniques. The result is an outstanding creation that is not only pleasing to the eyes but also to the palate as well. The main courses utilizes the freshest ingredients at their delicious state. Each dish is prepared with a goal in mind and that is to bring out the character of each of the elements that were used.

You can feel the distinctiveness of each of dishes that includes great fish, sushi, sashimi & himono. All are served in an exquisite dishware. All the items on the menu are authentic like it is made from home. The restaurant is small but gives off a cozy atmosphere. The interiors are excellent and relaxing. It is decorated simply because the food is the shining star.

There is a sushi counter that provides visual delight as soon as you enter Sakanaya. The place is like a carbon copy of an authentic Japanese restaurant. Perfect place to relax and enjoy sake.

About Shigeru Nishida
Chef Shigeru Nishida started his career 20 years ago. His first restaurant in New York City is Nishida Sho-ten and it is now a popular place to have ramen. He opened SAKANAYA to show his expertise in all types of Japanese cuisine.
Chef Shigeru Nishida is a certified sake sommelier and for this reason all the wine and sake served at SAKANAYA are handpicked by the expert.

The chef takes pride on all his Japanese dishes. He never fails to engage hungry patrons to a lively conversation while preparing their orders. All the dishes listed in the menu are done with creativity and passion.