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To all our valued customers,

To ensure that we continue to offer the best dining experience, Sakanaya will transform into an Izakaya Style Udon restaurant.

10/6(Fri) : last day of Sakanaya
10/7(Sat)-10/15(Sun) : closing
10/16(Mon) : Grand Opening Hakata Udon FUKUSUKE

Experience yummy dashi broth covering udon noodles.
Thank you for understanding and hope for your continuous patronage.

Sakanaya Management

Welcome to SAKANAYA

Omakase means to entrust which is very common term among sushi restaurants. SAKANAYA is offering this adventure to everyone looking for excitement and wants to tickle their taste buds. The journey will be led by the master chef of SAKANAYA. He will be offering series of dishes from light to heavy courses. Be prepared to be surprised with innovative Japanese authentic food from special sushi, sashimi and other specialties.

Located in New York City, SAKANAYA features relaxing and cozy ambiance. It is situated beside the popular Nishida Sho-ten which serves delicious ramen until four in the morning.

SAKANAYA is owned by Chef Shigeru Nishida who is a certified sake sommelier. Enjoy various sake and high class wine specially handpicked by the master chef himself.

Sourced Fresh. Prepared Delicately. This is the main vow of SAKANAYA.


SAKANAYA Sushi Platter

Sakanaya is offering sushi platters in New York.

The party season is just around the corner. Parties are happening here and there. It is about time to think about upcoming feasts. The hero to make things work is a sushi platter. No need to worry about breaking the bank. Everyone will surely be happy. In a lot of ways, a sushi platter makes sense. There are many reasons to love sushi – tasty, healthy and light.

Order Sushi Platter (212) 339-0033

304 E 49th St, New York, NY 10017

Mon – Fri | 12pm – 2pm
Mon – Sat | 6pm – 10pm

elinemline Lexington Av/53 St or
6line 51 St